How to Choose an HPLC Column Supplier

HPLC column suppliers can offer a range of services and benefits to their customers. Some provide electronic ordering, local stocking, volume discounts and on-site support. A recent survey shows that users are less loyal to the manufacturer of their instrument than they were a few years ago. In addition, the number of independent manufacturers has decreased and some users are choosing to pack their own columns.

When choosing the right column, remember that reproducibility is critical. Longer columns provide better resolution. You should aim for a resolution of 1.5 or more. You should also consider lot-to-lot reproducibility. For example, a 15-cm column operating at 11 Mpa backpressure is suitable for most applications.

The amount of sample you load will affect the SEC separation. A high mass overload can reduce the length of a column. It is important to ensure that the HETP (height equivalent theoretical plate) value stays constant as a function of the load. In addition, the loading capacity is the maximum load beyond which the HETP value starts to rise. See company website for more details!

The Gazelle HPLC column manufactured by Orochem Technologies is known for its high sensitivity and reproducibility in a short run time. This column was developed by using a proprietary process that results in narrow particle and pore size distribution. Besides, the hydrophobic surface of the column is stable over a wide pH range. Make sure to see this great post to read today!

A HPLC column typically consists of a column made of high-purity particulate silica compressed into stainless steel tubing. Smaller particles have smaller diffusion distances and increase selectivity. A larger particle size increases backpressure, while decreasing the size decreases interstitial voids. Visit this website at for more info about chromatography.

To improve the separation performance, you must carefully select a column that can accommodate your separation requirements. Depending on your separation criteria, you may use a different column than the one you need. To select the right column, you must select the correct mobile phase and the flow rate. This will determine the optimal column for your needs.

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